Water Damage Restoration

Burst Pipes

Discovering a massive leak flooding your home is never ideal for any homeowner and that matter only gets worse when you can’t find the source.

We can locate a burst pipe within your home and stop the leak at its source.

Standing Water Removal

If you’re up to your knees in worry and water, Keen can make all the difference in removing standing water to get your life back on track.

Water Damage Mediation

We can eliminate excess moisture from porous surfaces to stop damage before it worsens.


Mold Remediation

We work to eliminate mold at its source, clearing away existing growth and treating the area to prevent that it returns.

Damage Restoration

When the water has left their mark on your home, we can turn back the floods of damage restoring dry wall, flooring, & more to get you back into your home.

Additionally, we’ll take the complications out of insurance claims and work with your provider to ensure your claims are processed to our fullest extent.

If you’re currently in the midst of water damage nightmare, schedule a consultation today

Servicing the Hudson Valley and surrounding areas since 2008.

Testimonials and experiences

Very happy with his work. Everything came out perfect, as promised. John is friendly to deal with and I would definitely recommend him to others.

Carmen Ortiz, NY

John is a responsible, hardworking, professional and ethical person and company to work with. He’s into the details, very organized and delivers. Definitely provides excellent quality.

Diego Hodara, NY