The only difference between a house & your dream home
is a little touch of Keen

Complete Renovation

Together we can help transform every space of your home into the perfect expression of what home means to you.

From the floor to the ceiling, create a space uniquely your own.

Interior Painting

There are times that a little splash of color is all that is needed to bring together a space & add some new life to your home.

With a wide selection of products to choose from, you can find the perfect one to express a touch uniquely your own.

Kitchen Remodelling

Is it time to begin cooking up the perfect addition to your home?

Whether that means resurface your existent cabinet or creating your dream kitchen from scratch, we’re Keen to serve up.

Bathroom Remodelling

Whether it means installing new tiling, replace your tub for a shower or simply throwing everything and the bathroom sink out for a completely new dream bathroom, we can help you create a bathroom that expresses all that is uniquely you.


If you’d like to see what the Keen difference can mean to your home

Servicing the Hudson Valley and surrounding areas since 2008.

Testimonials and experiences

Very happy with his work. Everything came out perfect, as promised. John is friendly to deal with and I would definitely recommend him to others.

Carmen Ortiz, NY

John is a responsible, hardworking, professional and ethical person and company to work with. He’s into the details, very organized and delivers. Definitely provides excellent quality.

Diego Hodara, NY