Add a Keen touch to your dream kitchen.

Together, the kitchen of your dreams becomes a reality your family can gather around. To see a whole new room of possibilities enjoy a look into what Keen can do for you.

Room For Possibilities

Together, we can cook up a dream kitchen…

When we look into a kitchen, we see a room full of possibilities and opportunities to spend time with those that matter most in life.

We see an island countertop where a meal becomes a cherished memory and the space where people come together to become a family.

So, it’s here where no detail is too small or dream too big as we work to create the kitchen you’ve always wanted.

From floor to ceiling and everything in between, we’re Keen to help you cook up the kitchen of your dreams.


Experience What a Little Touch of Keen Can Do For You

Take a look at all the possibilities

A Perfect Finish to the Perfect Design

Together, we can create the perfect layout, design, and expression of your new dream kitchen as it builds a whole new room of possibilities.

A Style Uniquely Your Own

The key to the perfect dream lies in the details, so there is no detail worth sparing when it comes to creating your perfect kitchen.
With a variety of styles to choose from and designs to explore, we can help you make the right choice for your vision.

From style to finish, a little touch Keen brings the dream together.

A Keen Approach to Professional Design

Whether you’d like to simply refresh your kitchen with a new design or create a new vision entirely, we will work with you to bring your dream to life.

Each cabinet is painstakingly crafted to ensure a lifetime of memories & a design built to outlast the test of time.


Choose your Style

The perfect dream is in the details so create an expression that is uniquely yours, down to the very finish.


A Measured Beginning

In Two Simple Steps


View the Measurement Guide

Measuring Your Floor Plan For the Perfect Fit

Click on the link below to view the detailed instructions regarding the necessary steps to ensure a proper measurement for your new cabinets. As proper measurements are integral to the design process, it is important that your measurements are as accurate as possible and detail any features that are a part of your floor plan such as doors, windows, or hood vents.

Download instructions

Upload Your Measurements

Testimonials and experiences

Very happy with his work. Everything came out perfect, as promised. John is friendly to deal with and I would definitely recommend him to others.

Carmen Ortiz, NY

John is a responsible, hardworking, professional and ethical person and company to work with. He’s into the details, very organized and delivers. Definitely provides excellent quality.

Diego Hodara, NY

Ready to Begin Cooking Up Your Dream Kitchen?

Together, we can make your vision a reality.

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